Head Vulcan

Ninja Vulcan is a N-13 operative based primarily in the cold Frega sector.  Her Missions have been chronicalled in the Comic releases "Ninja Vulcan and the Machines of Death" (2011), "Operation: Cold Wire starring Vulcan" (2012) & "Ninja Vulcan Origins" (2013).

She is separated from the other Ninjas by her unique psychic abilities.

Personal InformationEdit

Operative N03

Real Name: Sara Knight
Callsign:  "VULCAN"
Age: 24
Height: 5'7
Status: Active [Frega Ice-Zone Sector]
Strengths: Rare Psychic Power [can increase her physical strength & stamina]
Weaknesses: Electric Shocks [they disrupt her psychic field]


She is known to have unusual psychic tendancies when placed under duress. Vulcan discovered her abilities entirely by accident - when she got captured by enemy attack robots in a research facility in North-East Frega.

The ordeal - where she was assaulted by an infectious paralysis gel shot out by one of the robots - sparked her dramatic evolution. Feeling the sudden burst of fear and stress when she thought she was about to die, Sara gained a sudden blast of energy that freed her from the gel and turned the tide of the situation. 

The amazing, supernatural effect feat left Vulcan feeling massively empowered, yet isolated. Already an outcast, She grew constantly afraid of her colleagues finding out the secret.

Personality TraitsEdit

Sara is an introvert, intensified by her attempts to keep her hidden powers from her colleagues. She lives as quite the recluse, enjoying the privacy of her room back at base, where any Psychic Accidents could be easily contained with no one finding out. She is content to live out her time off mission reading in her room.  

With time, the Ninja has learned to control her psychic bursts, and they have become a valuable ally to her during her more perilous missions. She believes eventually 'the fire' can be called completely at will - without having to feel threatened. Until then, it is still her big secret, however: No one is aware of her capacity buried deep within.  

Sara shares her living area with Odette. Their mission patterns overlap meaning they rarely see each other. Odette is concerned about her colleague's feelings, but is unsure how to broach the subject as Sara is so enclosed.

Hiding away, Sara faces her internal demons alone. Is she a freak? How might her peers react if they found out about her secret? She fears rejection - sighting being thrown out of the Ninja clan as a humiliating fate worse than death. She frequently has nightmares where she is imprisoned and experimented on by the N-13 research division.