Head 2

Kaida is an experienced Ninja, who is undertaking a special assignment on another planet, Nuostuno.

Personal InformationEdit

Operative: N01

Real Name: Katherine

Callsign: "KAIDA"

Status: On Special Assignment


Kaida began her life as a Ninja in 2005 and quickly established herself for her hard, physical prowess. She attacked her first missions with confidence and demonstrated headstrong leadership. One of her earliest missions involved an extended stay in the Pral Jungle, where her survival instincts were trialled on a daily basis. She brought back mission-critical files from deep inside an enemy installation, raising her profile as one of the best Ninjas.

Her later missions were frought with danger and she frequently got into trouble. Kaida faced Acid attacks, near-fatal poisonings, and even an attempted assassination against her life. However, she has always been able to overcome any situation, adding to her 'bullet proof' reputation.

Kaida in NuostunoEdit

Kaida ripped the seal off the hatch release lever with trepidation. She was about to - willingly - expose herself to an alien environment.
What might happen? How would her lungs react as they began to fill with the acrid, dry atmosphere? The view from the tiny porthole didn't help her feel any better.
The sky was grey, filled with angry clouds. They hung there, almost as if they were waiting to descend on the unwelcome visitor the moment she left the capsule. The terrain was gravelly and bronze, with the occasional sharp, spiky arrangement of rocks. From the tiny porthole Kaida couldn't see much else, but she had imagination.
With a few deep breaths, she began to twist the chromed handle. Hissing and clunking filled the ninja's ears - here we go!  
Kaida steadily inhaled her first breaths. The air seemed crisp, like a cold spring morning - but her breath gave off a blue tint which reminded her of the fact she was so far from home. She was relieved that the atmosphere seemed okay! Her body's genetic modifications seemed successful.
Some thirty years ago to the very day, the planet, Nuostuno, became visible on long range sensors. Since then, Scientists at home had spent every waking moment developing their bio-technology with the goal that one day, a Ninja could breathe on this far away land. 
Kaida felt so honoured and special to be that Ninja, and was so happy they had got everything right!

Kaida was selected to go on the exploratory mission to the new planet. She was an obvious choice due to her experience on lone, long term missions in adverse conditions.